Yuma North End ReDevelopment Area
Old Town South Sub-Area Revitalization Plan
2016 Implementation Strategy.


  • Provides opportunity for strong partnership with existing higher educational resources.

  • Strengthens Yuma’s economic competitiveness with a more educated, home-grown workforce.

  • Ensures that students have access to higher education to meet workforce demands in the future.

  • Per the U.S. Census Bureau - Majority of jobs by 2020 will require skills beyond high school.

  • A downtown urban university campus will build upon the improvements to the downtown over the last decade.

Mayor Nicholls has laid out a Vision and Conceptual Plan and is currently working with multiple universities under one campus. “University of Yuma” - Downtown Campus and Research Park.

Near term 1-5 years

  • Develop 2,000-4,000 student capacity campus core with one or more existing Universities

Provide public uses such as:

  • Enhanced streetscape.

  • Public trails and paths.

  • Public parking.

  • Revitalization of the Historic Southern Pacific Freight Depot.

  • Gila Street Greenway.

  • Provide Residential transition and buffer from campus to adjacent historic neighborhoods.

Mid to longer term expansion

  • Expand Campus to 5,000 – 10,000 students with multiple university presence.

  • Develop 28-acre Research Park.

  • Repurpose Historic Agricultural and Residential buildings into support uses.

  • Extend Main Street connection to Downtown and Transit Center.

  • Strengthen the historic downtown with an adjacent urban campus, creating great synergy.

This will be a phased effort which will have to involve many community partners, and not solely the City of Yuma. If you want to be a partner and supporter, let us know!


For general questions, media requests, and interviews with Mayor of Yuma Douglas Nicholls, please contact:

Lucy Valencia
City of Yuma Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator
(928) 373-5016

UY Office
180 W. 1st Street
Suite E
Yuma, AZ 85364


In June of 2013 and February of 2014, the City of Yuma held public outreach workshops to collect ideas and input regarding revitalization of the largely vacant, underutilized former Southern Pacific railyard area, now known as Old Town South.

The following preliminary draft Old Town South Subarea Revitalization Plan Implementation Strategy and plans are the result of those public meetings and are subject to additional public input and Yuma City Council approval. We invite you to attend our upcoming outreach meetings per the schedule listed below. These plans will be updated once final approval is received.

doc   Public Outreach Schedule.doc


Multi-Phased Concept

Located just south of downtown the University of Yuma - Downtown Campus and Research Park Concept Plan begins with establishing a strong circulation network that will provide pedestrian and vehicular connections as an extension of downtown and allow circulation through the site to the south.

These connections essentially organize the site into four zones: academic campus to the northwest, historic preservation to the north, research park to the east and south and residential to buffer on the west to the existing single family residential. This concept allows for a multi-phased approach allowing flexibility for growth of academic and research components independently that work together to achieve a long-term vision.


Main Street will extend south of Giss Parkway past the historic rail depot building and then bend toward the east to connect to Arizona avenue/Gila Street with a multi-modal roundabout and landscape gateway in the heart of the development.

A connector pocket park frames the backdrop of the roundabout and provides an opportunity for consolidated research district retention. A north/south landscape pedestrian path will run adjacent to Gila Street and extend south from Giss Parkway to align with Arizona Avenue providing the primary north south connection through the site and access to the research parcels. This north south connection will integrate into Giss Parkway with a multi-modal roundabout allowing pedestrian and bikes to cross with a safety buffer of a single car length allowing a car to yield outside the roundabout between the crossing and flowing traffic. The pedestrian connection will run along the western edge of Gila street engaging the new research parcels and then cross around the central roundabout connecting the two parks and then run along the eastern edge of Arizona avenue to the southern boundary of the redevelopment area. This landscaped path may also function as a storm water conveyance feature mimicking a desert arroyo. At the southern boundary, the pedestrian connection crosses Arizona Avenue and runs west to the Black Hill recreation area and connecting back to 1st avenue.

doc   2016-10-11_YUMA CAMPUS_Concept Plan1.pdf

doc   2016-10-11_YUMA CAMPUS_First Phase.pdf

doc   2016-10-11_YUMA CAMPUS_Street and Pathway Character BOARD.pdf

doc   Old Town South Revitalization Plan Implementation Strategy - Draft.pdf

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